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Concera Media is a Kansas City based Internet marketing agency, started in 2009 by Scott Shorter and Lindsay Shannon – web marketing and PR professionals since 1995.

Concera delivers interactive marketing programs that integrate offline sales and marketing efforts with online channels: web sites, social media, mobile apps, email marketing and search engines.

Structured as a virtual agency, meaning that for each project we bring together local experts in other fields – design, ad sales, direct mail, copywriting – whatever the strategy requires. Staying nimble lets us deliver great service for less than a large agency.

Think of us as the interactive marketing team that you wish you had – nimble, not bloated; driven by results, not billable hours.

Staying nimble lets us deliver great marketing service for less because you’re not funding a large agency organization, corporate office and weekly ping-pong tournament.

Lindsay Shannon | ConceraLindsay Shannon

Content and Search Strategy 

Lindsay’s career began in the music industry doing radio promotion for a couple of record labels in Atlanta. Immediately following, he handled the day-to-day PR and industry analyst efforts for Microsoft’s Windows Media Group in Seattle. Here in Kansas City, Lindsay did PR stints with the American Academy of Family Physicians and Cerner. He is a seasoned communications strategist with more than 10 years of experience in the technology and health care information technology (HIT) industries.

But back in 2009, on that fateful day when Lindsay teamed up with Scott to form Concera, he seamlessly transitioned into Internet Marketing. He really likes SEM projects, he says. “It’s like solving a puzzle or a riddle.” And, he really likes to develop engaging and informative content that resonates with consumers, employees and the media. So, give him a call to discuss your business objectives over pound cake and coffee.

Scott Shorter

Web Strategy and Marketing Wonk. WordPress evangelist.

Scott started building and managing web sites “back in the day” when Compuserve and Netscape were actually cool (and people knew what they were!). Back then it took a team of developers to build a CMS to update content – so now you know why he loves WordPress!

Scott has more than 18 years of online content experience in digital publishing, content marketing, syndication and Web development. He also has experience raising three wonderful kids, fly-fishing, mountain biking and infrequently breaking 90 in golf.

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