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Okay, basically people’s behaviors have changed…again.

We are tuning out traditional “push” marketing tactics. It has become much more difficult to grab our attention. But the good news is that inbound marketing has become a very effective way to create brand awareness and get (and keep) new business.

You may have even heard some rumblings about “inbound marketing” around the office and wonder what the heck is it?

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a comprehensive, data-driven approach to marketing. Think about it. Google and Facebook (among others) collect tons of data about us: our likes; our dislikes; purchasing habits; demographic information; geographic information. And, now we can use this data to deliver lazer-targeted content to potential customers.

Inbound Marketing uses facets of “pull” marketing, which you may already be using, like Blogs, SEO, Social MediaE-Books, White papers and Special Offers.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

  • Quality Lead Generation
  • Increased Website Performance
  • Cost-Effective Marketing for Your Business

Developing Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Concera will work closely with you to learn details about your business or organization so we can define an inbound marketing strategy with the following components:

  • Define Target Customer Personas (and there can be more than one)
  • Define Marketing Triggers – What are the events or pain points that would lead your target customer to search for your services
  • Content Strategy – Develop content for each stage of the funnel (Awareness, Evaluation and Decision)
  • Lead Nurturing Process
  • Conversion-Focused Blog/Advertising Strategy

Here’s an example of an eBook download that we created for one of our law firm clients.
Seven Secrets You Need to Know When Dealing With Auto Insurance Companies

Contact an Inbound Marketing Expert.

We’ll take a look at your website and and talk to you about possible inbound marketing tactics that could help generate leads for your business.